Welcome to the Peninsula Psychiatry Training Scheme website.  The Peninsula region in the South West of England is a fantastic place to train in psychiatry, providing great opportunities to develop into the consultant psychiatrists of the future.

Training in the Peninsula region is spread between three organisations:

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Livewell Southwest

The School of Psychiatry works closely with these local education providers to ensure that psychiatric trainees receive the high quality training they need to go on to be excellent consultants. Our vision is to train compassionate, highly skilled psychiatrists able to lead and develop mental health services for the future.

Why train for Psychiatry in the South West?

We offer broad experience of psychiatric training in rural and urban settings.  We provide the full range of subspecialties at Higher Specialty Training level including General Adult, Forensic, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Psychiatry of Learning Disability, Old Age and dual programmes in General Adult & Old Age and General Adult & Psychotherapy. We work closely with the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, both of whom have their own medical schools. Each Local Education Provider also supports the training of FY1 and FY2 doctors. Psychiatric trainees are encouraged to become involved in student teaching together with in-house educational activities both with peers and allied professionals. Because the Peninsula is relatively small, it is possible to move within the three Trusts to develop sub-specialty interests. This is particularly relevant to trainees in years 4-6.

What about training opportunities?

We provide a well-established local pre-membership course for our year 1-3 trainees and some excellent audit, research and special interest opportunities. Our MRCPsych exam pass rates are among the best in the country.  Year 4-6 trainees, as well as having access to in-house training, can access the South West Development and Training initiative run by the South West Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. This offers a wide range of courses and workshops which are often particularly pertinent to those in the later stages of training. Trainees can access the well-regarded Professional Skills course which provides training in leadership, management and education. We are particularly proud that in the last six years, two of our trainees have won the Royal College of Psychiatrists Core Trainee of the Year award proving that not only is it possible to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country but it is also possible to achieve excellence in training.

… and after I’ve finished my training … ?

Many of our local Consultants who started out life here as year 1 trainees, have stayed throughout their training years and were still keen enough to apply for available Consultant posts. We are a small, friendly and close-knit School and there is a great sense of camaraderie within our members and a willingness from clinicians to be involved in all of the programmes and activities the School directs.

Dr Simon Bonell
Head of School