CAMHs Role Descriptions


Please note that these timetables and descriptions are indicative only and subject to change with service development and will be tailored to meet individual trainees learning needs after discussion and agreement from individual educational supervisor


Dr Sebastian Rotheray Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Sowenna Hospital, Bodmin, Cornwall
Dr Ben Parker Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Tier 3 Plymouth CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) based at Revive, Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth



Registrar in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Sowenna Hospital, Bodmin, Cornwall


Dr Sebastian Rotheray


The aim of this post is to provide trainees with the necessary experience and skills to assess and manage severe and high risk mental health presentations in adolescent patients.

Learning opportunities will include assessment and ongoing management of new patients referred to the Crisis/In Reach team and patients being discharged to the Crisis team from the inpatient hospital, assessment of new presentations to the general hospital and assessment and management of patients on the day patient treatment programme at Sowenna Hospital.

As such the post will involve working closely alongside the Consultant trainer and the Crisis / In Reach MDT as well as the day patient MDT at Sowenna Hospital. There may also be scope for some involvement with the assessment and treatment of patients admitted as inpatients to the inpatient ward.
There is scope to tailor the timetable and clinical focus to the particular learning needs and interests of the trainee. There will also be the opportunity to contribute towards quality improvement and audit projects.

There will also be scope to learn and reflect on the specific clinical, communication and psychotherapeutic skills as relevant to CAMHS patients. I will ensure there is protected time for 1 hour of supervision per week.





AM Crisis Team New Assessments / Reviews Sowenna Ward Round Follow Up Appointments Crisis Team Reviews Regional Registrar Academic Programme / Special Interest Day
PM CPA Reviews Sowenna Day Patient Reviews Consultant Supervision Admin & CPD Regional Registrar Academic Programme / Special Interest Day

ON CALL- Plymouth based 1 in 5 rota




Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Tier 3 Plymouth CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service)Revive, Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth.


Dr Ben Parker



This post is within Tier 3 Plymouth CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) based at Revive, Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth.

The Higher Trainee will be able to arrange experience, depending upon their training needs (balanced with the service needs and availability of suitable experience) in any of the above pathways. Each of these pathways have multidisciplinary teams which include a range of different professionals. The trainee will have the opportunity to take on a small caseload of patients and the management of these patients can be discussed in regular supervision, with other professionals co-working the case or in the relevant clinical meeting of each pathway. This will involve assessments and ongoing psychiatric management. There will be the opportunity to complete assessments / reviews outside of Revive (such as at home and at Derriford Hospital).

There will also be the opportunity to attend the Core Meeting which happens on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. This is an opportunity for professionals to discuss referral within the various pathways and represents a good opportunity to learn.

The trainee can also arrange a level of experience within the therapeutic pathways if required. These include:

- High Intensity CBT
- Family Therapy
- Art Therapy
- Child Psychotherapy

There is an out-of-hours on-call rota for Plymouth CAMHS covering:
- the regional adolescent Tier 4 unit, Plym Bridge House (which is near Derriford Hospital)
- Derriford Hospital
- CYP POS (located in Plym Bridge House)
There is an on-call guide written by Dr Sarah Huline-Dickens detailing the arrangements and how the on call system works. Generally the higher trainee is second on-call to a core trainee (but not in Derriford, where there is a COT team operating 8am-8pm).
- The rota is 1:7 for a whole-time equivalent trainee.
- Banding 1C
- To finish at 4pm after a night on call
- To take a Monday in lieu if on call previous week-end (and if not the Monday, a day within 72 hours unless there are exceptional circumstances)
- There is a consultant backing up the trainee on call at all times.

There is an internal academic programme which includes case conferences and journal presentations every Wednesday morning which the trainee can attend subject to this not clashing with core clinical responsibilities (as there is a separate CAMHS academic programme – see below). Some of these meetings may be chaired by the ST4-6.

There will be opportunities for teaching of medical staff and students as well as other members of the multidisciplinary team.

There is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry academic programme in term time on alternate Fridays based in Bristol (also accessible via video-link). Attendance at this is encouraged (and indeed it is a mandatory curriculum requirement). In addition the Specialty Training Committee (STC) meets every three months to review developments in the specialty and this provides another opportunity for journal club and case presentations.

One hour of supervision weekly with the consultant on Monday or Friday.







9am out-patients 

11am COT meeting

12pm supervision


9am - admin

10am – CAMHS ED Team Meeting

10am – 12pm – Core Meeting

Livewell CPD programme Special Interest  Either research or academic programme (term time) or special interest
PM Out-patients Out-patients Out-patients


3pm – 5pm – Core Meeting

Either research or academic programme (term time) or special interest