Old Age (Plymouth)

Please note that these timetables and descriptions are indicative only and subject to change with service development and will be tailored to meet individual trainees learning needs after discussion and agreement from individual educational supervisor.


Post Information


Old Age Psychiatry – Inpatient and Community Setting


Dr Debdutta Joardar


Livewell Southwest


Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth


Livewell Southwest provides integrated health and social care services to the people of Plymouth and surroundings. Livewell Southwest has five main aims, the first of which is to be recognised as an employee led organisation where staffs are treated as the greatest asset. Plymouth itself is a vibrant city with a diverse population, and a rich maritime history.

The post will give the trainee the opportunity to work in the field of Old Age Psychiatry in both the inpatient and community settings. The service is divided into a functional older adult team, and a memory service team. There are two inpatient wards at Mount Gould: one functional and one organic / dementia. The trainee can take part in delivering ECT. The trainee will be able to gain clinical experience in diagnosing and managing the full gamut of psychiatric illness that presents in older age. The trainee will be able to develop skills that they will need as a consultant, for example chairing best interest meetings, preparing tribunal reports, presenting their case to the tribunal, etc. Trainees are expected to attend consultant meetings and learn about local organisation policies and strategies within the wider context of NHS.

The post offers an excellent opportunity to gain non-clinical skills. Dr Joardar is the Clinical Lead of older adult services for Livewell, and is happy to discuss any management or service development experience the trainee may be interested in and participate in relevant changes. Additionally there is a weekly and well attended programme of teaching, as well as other teaching, supervision and mentoring opportunities. Trainees would be encouraged to contribute in MRCPsych course and mock CASC examinations. There is possible scope for medical student teaching and opportunities for pursuing a research project during the post. 

Psychotherapy experience is available and there is a regular Balint group. Trainees are encouraged to be innovative with self-directed learning.

Out of hours, the trainee will act up on the consultant rota on a 1:13 basis with support from another consultant on call for advice. There is also a second on call (staff specialist doctor) up until 9pm, as well as an SHO on a shift pattern.











Domiciliary visits or outpatient clinic / 2nd week consultant meeting

Special interest / research

Memory service MDT, Local teaching and training

Admin / CPN consultations

Urgent assessments / MHA


Ward patient reviews - Organic and Functional wards

Special interest / research

Audit / Quality Improvement / Management

Domiciliary visits or outpatient clinic/ community


Urgent assessments / MHA