Forensic Psychiatry Role Descriptions

Please note that these timetables and descriptions are indicative only and subject to change with service development and will be tailored to meet individual trainees learning needs after discussion and agreement from individual educational supervisor

Dr Sam Kadri Secure Directorate Forensic Services, Langdon Hospital
Dr Helen Smith Secure Directorate Forensic Team, Chichester House
Dr Rebekah Bourne Secure Directorate Forensic Services, Langdon Hospital




Post: Secure Directorate
Trainer: Dr Sam Kadri
Employing Trust: Devon Partnership Trust
Job Description:

This post is based at Langdon Hospital within the Secure Services Directorate of Devon Partnership NHS Trust.  The majority of the work involves assessing and developing care pathways with the multidisciplinary team for mentally disordered offenders detained in hospital.  This involves guided steps towards recovery with consideration for public safety. The role involves providing expert psychiatric input, designing and coordinating the care of patients, which will be delivered by a committed multi-disciplinary team (MDT). The post holder will be expected to travel on occasions to review individuals in out of area placements, clinical meetings and at times the courts.  An aspect of the role also includes undertaking gatekeeping assessments and using clinical and approved tools to recommend treatment settingsAdditionally, it involves spending working time between medium-secure unit (MSU) and local prisons when necessary. A typical MSU is a 15-bedded, all male wardPsychiatric care in prison involves provision of care using a Stepped Care Model.   

In Langdon hospital, the medium secure unit (MSU) comprising of comprises 2 acute units and 2 rehabilitation units. Currently, I provide consultant input into the acute units. The MSU has diverse and experienced multidisciplinary team comprising Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, general practice, physical therapy, Social Work and Psychiatry colleagues.  There is benefit working with a range of experiences with multidisciplinary colleagues.






Patient assessments, admin duties 

Clinical review meetings 

 Access assessments 

Management/leadership experience, admin work     Research/QUIP 


Supervision with trainee, patient assessments 


Care Program Approach meeting  

Academic meetings, Doctors’ meeting  

Patient assessments, case discussions  Special interest  

 ON CALL- 1 in 7 




Post: Chichester House Forensic Team 
Trainer: Dr Helen Smith
Employing Trust: Devon Partnership Trust
Job Description:

This is based at Langdon Hospital as part of the Devon In-Patient Forensic Service within the Secure Services Directorate of Devon Partnership NHS Trust.  The majority of the work would involve assessing and managing the care of men needing to use a low secure service with the multidisciplinary team. The post holder will be expected to assess within DPT services, in higher levels of security, in prison and in other hospitals regionally and more widely in England.  A core aspect of the role would also include undertaking gatekeeping assessments under consultant supervision for those individuals who have been referred for low secure care.   

The Chichester House team are a skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team comprising Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work and Psychiatry colleagues.  It is hoped that the post holder will benefit from a range of experiences with multidisciplinary colleagues.  The consultant supervisor also has extensive management and leadership experience having previously held a number of board level positions including role of  the Medical Director and Director of medical Education. She currently leads the National Mental Health safety programme for NHS Improvement and would encourage engagement in leadership and improvement projects.



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Patient assessments governance meeting (Monthly) Patient CPAs/HCR 20 CPD Admin / Patient reviews Research
PM Supervision with consultant admin Patient CRMs

Academic meeting

Doctors meeting 

Admin / Patient assessments Special Interest

On Call - 1 in 10 with on call consultant.



Post: Secure Directorate
Trainer: Dr Rebekah Bourne
Employing Trust: Devon Partnership Trust
Job Description:

This post is with the Devon Community Forensic Team, based at Easby House on the Langdon Hospital site.  There will be a shared office space provided and a lap-top to enable remote working.  A mobile phone will also be provided.  There is full medical secretary support and additional administrative support for the whole team.

The team is a full MDT including consultants, CPNs, OTs, Social Workers, Support Workers, and administrative staff.

The clinical duties will include working with secure inpatient teams within DPT and other hospitals to develop pathways into the community for patients.  There will also be the opportunity to develop skills in pathway management to support inpatient teams in progressing patients care through their inpatient care.  As the team holds the care coordination for all High Secure patients from Devon there is also the opportunity for input into his caseload and attendance at High Secure CPAs. 

There will be experience in managing patients in the community alongside MDT members and Social Supervisors.  This will include patient reviews, medication management, liaison with GPs and writing reports to the Ministry of Justice.  Part of this will be developing and supporting crisis management of community patients and coordination care with adult mental health colleagues.    

The team has a role in triaging all requests for accessing a secure bed and supporting secondary care colleagues in preventing escalation to secure care.  This will involve management of acute psychiatric emergencies in inpatient settings and providing advice in more long-term management of patients via consultation liaison meetings.   

Additional opportunities:

  • Sessions with Forensic Intellectual and Neurodevelopmental Development (FIND) team who provide pathway management and support for the forensic Learning Disability/Autistic Spectrum Disorder patients
  • Sessions with the Forensic Personality Disorder Service (FPDS) who provide pathway management and support for the PD cohort
  • Sessions with the Offender Personality Teams: Support to Succeed (community) and Outside the Box (HMP Channing’s wood)
  • Medicolegal work

Leadership/Management Opportunities

  • Charing meetings including those with outside agencies including police and probation
  • Audit and quality improvement projects within Devon Community Forensic Team
  • Service development projects, specifically development of a Medication to Manage Sexual Arousal service for Devon Partnership NHS Trust

There are a number of opportunities for teaching medical students and core trainees. 

Whilst there is no dedicated-on call for STs there is the opportunity for gaining experience in shadowing the non-resident forensic consultant rota which covers out of hours emergency access assessments for Devon and Cornwall.  




Special Interest

Impatient assessments/MDT meetings.

High secure caseload meeting (1 week/month)

Community Forensic team clinical governance meeting (1 week/month)

Community Forensic team MDT meeting


Community assessments/administration


Adult Mental health Liaison and secure admission avoidance work.  
Clinical governance/service development projects 




Community caseload MDT discussion 

14:00 - Langdon medical meeting/Community consultant's meeting.

15:00 - Langdon Academic programme

Community assessments/administration. Supervision and WPBAs 

ON CALL- Please state frequency of on-call and nature of duties plus arrangements for clinical supervision.

No on call rota for STs, but they have the opportunity to participate in the out of hours non-resident forensic consultant on call rota which is 1:15. 

Daytime on call will include participating in the daytime urgent triage rota within the Community forensic team along with the 2 consultants within the service.  This will be Monday to Friday 9-5 with a frequency of 1 in 3 and all involvement in triage assessments and consultations will be under the supervision of a consultant.