We conducted a confidential survey of people using the scheme this year via SurveyMonkey, and got 9 responses. 


We wanted to know if people wanted to keep using the scheme and would recommend it to others. 100% of trainees we asked (CT & ST) said that they intended to continue to use the Buddy Scheme through their training. 100% also said that they would recommend it to another trainee at their level.


We asked people what they talked about in meetings. Our Buddies talked about a range of topics, including career progression (100%) exams (89%) work issues (79%) and social (67%).


As the scheme is designed to be flexible and informal, we asked whether the frequency that people had decided upon was about right or too frequent/infrequent. Most trainees (n=8, 89%) thought the frequency of their meetings was about right, one would have wanted more regular input (n=1, 11%). No other specific areas of improvement were identified.


We received positive feedback about the Scheme as follows:

Core Trainees:

It is a good way to get advice and support on a more informal basis, particularly from those who are only a few years ahead in training and are aware of how the current processes work.

Chance to talk with someone who has just been through training and faced many similar issues.

Help and advice when you face difficulties.

Gives a sense of belonging/group cohesion to some new CTs.

Senior Trainees:

Good for the junior trainee to be able to talk ‘off the record’ about issues they are worried about –career choices, exams, etc.

 Good for both the trainees (hopefully!) to establish a friendship

Opportunity to provide mentoring role for more junior trainees on a range of issues. Agenda set by mentee and able to discuss and cover a range of issues related to core psychiatric training. Ability of scheme to be flexible to needs of trainee as trainees at different stages of training will have different levels of need.

As a mentor, it feels nice to provide a listening ear to my trainee. It can be fulfilling to offer pastoral support and advice.

It is good to see the trainee grow, develop and become more confident over the last three years.