The MRCPsych course is lead by Dr Subhash Gupta, Consultant Psychiatrist.  It is run over a two-year cycle for the first two years of core training (CT1 and CT2)- there are modules (relevant to Paper A and Paper B) which are led by module leads; and then there is a year of the course for CT3s, which mostly consists of standalone days to prepare the core trainees towards ST interviews and posts.  There will also be mock CASC days arranged.  It runs all day on Fridays at sites around the Peninsula (mostly in Plymouth) with teaching delivered mainly by consultant psychiatrists.  Special sessions on CASC practice and skills are run as part of the course.  The course is also supported by an electronic web forum containing all presentations given and is committed to the development of further e-learning resources.

We are very fortunate to have very enthusiastic and motivated lecturers and module leads, who work tirelessly to keep the course up to date and use various interactive methods to make it engaging and popular amongst trainees.  The lecturers and module leads are working with Dr Gupta (with active support from trainees) to make the course relevant and useful towards core training and exams.  

Further information regarding the MRCPsych course can be found at the Peninsula MRCPsych website.